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Also known as "hair stroke brows," microblading is the method of manually implanting pigment into the skin to give the appearance of real hair. With microblading we create ultra-fine strokes that mimic natural hair growth and flow in the same direction as your own hairs to create the most natural results.

Micro-Shading (Combination Brows)

This technique brings all the natural look you get from microblading: a very natural powder filled look, combined with hair strokes in the front of the brow. Micro-shading is completely customizable to each client’s preference and needs for how much of the brow is shaded and how much is hair stroked.

Powdered Ombre

This technique heals to look like powdered in brows with an ombre effect, meaning the brows are lighter in the front, gradually becoming darker towards the arch and tail. This method allows for a more defined brow with a soft, natural looking powdery fill.

Flawless Finish offers a variety of brow techniques (microblading, ombre, combination, powdered brows) in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

2nd Additional Refresher (If booked within 4-8 weeks of previous session) $100.00        9 – 15 months Color Boost: $225.00             15 – 24 months Color Boost: $300.00     After 24 months full initial procedure price

Initial Procedure for all brow methods: $550.00

**Note: Price includes one complimentary touch up 4-8 weeks after the initial session 10% of clients require a 2nd touch up in an additional 4-8 weeks depending on skin type, diligence to aftercare & lifestyle.


I go through a pre-procedure consultation where we discuss your goals and desired end results. I will also give my recommendation of technique I believe is best for you. During this time, I also have you read and fill out a consent waiver, allowing you to ask any questions or concerns you have regarding the procedure and any information in the waiver.


I clean off the area being worked with rubbing alcohol to ensure the skin is clean of pathogens. After the area is completely rid of make-up and has been sanitized I proceed to take before photos.


I measure and outline the eyebrow boundaries using the golden ratio, as well as other measuring techniques. This allows me to achieve the best proportions to enhance your features, while taking your desired results and bone structure into account.


We chose a high quality pigment best suited for your skin undertones, hair colour, and your personal preferences. Using a sterile and disposable tool (manual hand method or machine) I will work on applying the technique chosen to your eyebrows. Throughout your procedure I apply an effective numbing agent to allow for the most comfortable procedure possible. Once the procedure is complete we will take after photos of the area. Voilà, now it’s time to enjoy your custom, flawless brows!.


Your aftercare sheet will be provided to you to take home and use as your brow bible for the next 10-14 days. Following proper after care is key to achieve the best healed results and longevity of your new brows!.

The stages your brows will go through following a brow procedure like microblading, ombre or powdered brows.

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Before we begin all of our clients we first shape the brows for your 100% approval on the design! —-
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For those of you who don’t know, my name is Shaundra! I have been in the permanent cosmetics industry since 2015 and make it a priority to expand my knowledge in the latest techniques, products and trends!
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