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Microblading & Powdered Ombre Brows 101: A Comprehensive Guide 

Okay ladies…and gentlemen, we’ve all heard of the latest and hottest beauty trend for eyebrows by now so lets get to the bottom of microblading and powdered brow technique. 

Here you will find: the differences between each technique that I offer, what to expect and what to look for when choosing a PMU (permanent make-up) artist. This will help you decide if this “brows on fleek” procedure is for you.

But lets be real..who doesn’t want to wake up with their brows on point all day every day?  

 Microblading eyebrows to achieve symmetry in Spruce GroveIf you are one of the many women eagerly waiting to hop aboard the latest trend train and upgrade your brows (which if your are reading this I am suspecting you are), doing research is a key component to ensure you are leaving your appointment with #browsonfleek and not #botched brows 

 While hunting for your new brow artist here is a few things you should be looking for: 

 The first thing that generally will attract you is portfolio. If you found someone in a way other than viewing their social media images make sure to ask to view their work.

Every artist has a different style so this will help ensure you like their previous work, establishing initial trust.

  • Make sure your chosen artist displays clear photos of clients from different angles, head on and healed results.

Healed results are what you are left with walking around day to day so this is very important! 

  • Make sure they have been certified by a reputable academy. With myself having holding over 10 certificates in permanent make-up I would say this is extremely important.

Remember, it lasts up to 2 years before touch ups are needed!

There are many educators offering 1-3 day trainings, if this is the type of course your artist has taken, Red Flag!! You cant possibly learn all the steps needed to perform a safe and aesthetic procedure in one days time. 

What tools do they use?

All needles must be 100% disposable. Some artists use hand pieces that hold the needles that are autoclavable. In my opinion 100% disposable needles and hand pieces are more sanitary. It also costs more for fully disposable pieces so this shows that the artist is not cheaping out on service safety or product! 

How long is the appointment?

Your artists should be blocking off a minimum of two hours. Although it may not take this long once you arrive, it ensures that they have allowed enough time for any client situation to walk through the door. 

What should I expect to pay for an experienced artist?

Costs will largely vary based on location. The price for an advanced level artist of Microblading in Edmonton varies from $500 to $700.00 for the initial procedure, which includes one touch up 4-8 weeks later.

Flawless Finish permanent cosmetics studio in Spruce GroveAnything lower than $400.00 I would recommend proceeding with caution. Keep in mind they could charge a separate fee for the 4-8 week touch up which will increase the total cost.

Even if the price if $500+ I would recommend still checking portfolio and credentials to ensure they are not up charging to appear to be an advanced level artist. 

Why does the price vary so much for the same procedure?

You may be wondering why the cost for the same procedure can vary so much in price in the same area. (I’ve seen advertisements for as low as $85.00)

The lower the cost generally means the artist is very green (fresh out of a course) and while we all start somewhere it is up to you if you want to be a model or go to a experienced artist.

New artists generally charge $85.00 to $400 for Microblading in Edmonton. 

Other factors that can result in a cheaper cost are using cheaper blades, non-disposable microblading handles, low quality pigments and “chop shops”. 

 Quality over quantity largely applies to the PMU field, you really do get what you pay for.  

 Trust your gut! If you show up to your appointment and the artist knows little about the procedure, doesn’t have a sanitary organized work place, or comes off as unprofessional, leave! This is your face after all. 

Microblading eyebrows in Spruce GroveWhat is microblading? 

Microblading is the artistic technique of tattooing individual hair strokes with a handheld tool called a microblade. Unlike traditional tattooing,

which uses a machine, microblading artists hand draw each hair to match the colour and coarseness of your natural eyebrows. The result? Gorgeous natural looking eyebrows. 

 Is microblading a tattoo? 

Absolutely! Although microblading is done without a machine pigment is being implanted into the skin.

Powdered ombre permanent cosmetics eyebrow tattoo


What is powdered ombre brows? 

Powdered ombre brows imitate powdered in eyebrows with soft makeup. They are lighter in the, gradually getting darker towards the tail. This technique allows for more defined brows, once healed still looking very natural. 

What is Microshading? 

A combination of microblading and ombre powder brows allows you to have hair stokes in the front of the brow or throughout (totally customizable to your #browgoals) with a blend of shading towards the arch and tails for a result of hair strokes with added definition. You can have your cake and eat to!

What to expect: 

Now this may vary depending on your chosen artist. This is a breakdown of an initial brow procedure appointment with me at Flawless Finish Permanent Cosmetics. Your potential brow artist should be willing to discuss the procedure and be patient going through any information you are asking about. 

Pre Consult 

I go through a pre-procedure consultation where we discuss your goals and desired end results. I will also give you my recommendation of technique I believe is best for you. During this time, I also have you read and fill out a consent waiver, allowing you to ask any questions or concerns. 

 Sanitizing the area being worked & Before photos 

I clean off the area being worked with rubbing alcohol to ensure the skin is clean and rid of any pathogens. After the area is clean I proceed to take before photos. 

Brow Design Brow mapping for microblading permanent makeup tattoo

I measure and outline the eyebrow boundaries using the golden ratio and numerous other measuring techniques. This allows me to achieve the best proportions to enhance your features, while taking your desired results and bone structure into account. 


We chose a high quality pigment best suited for your skin undertones, hair colour, and your personal preferences. Using a sterile and disposable tool (manual hand method or machine depending on technique) I will work on applying the technique chosen to your eyebrows. Throughout the procedure I apply an effective numbing agent to allow for the most comfortable procedure possible. Once the procedure is complete we will take after photos of the brows. Voila, now its time to enjoy your custom, flawless brows! 

After care 

Your aftercare sheet will be provided to you to take home and use as a brow bible for the next 10-14 days 

Thanks for reading! 



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