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Start Looking Your Best, Always

We offer specialized techniques in the permanent cosmetic industry for women and men wanting to enhance their natural beauty in Spruce Grove & Edmonton, Alberta. Microblading, lash enhancement, permanent lip colour & more!


Start Looking Your Best, Always

We offer specialized techniques in the permanent cosmetic industry for women and men wanting to enhance their natural beauty in Spruce Grove & Edmonton, Alberta.

Flawless Finish creates permanent makeup eyebrows in various techniques: microblading, ombre and microshading, eyelash enhacement, permanent lip color. Located in Spruce Grove, Alberta, 20 minutes west of Edmonton.


“Shaundra is so talented, professional, and knowledgable. Her ability to make brows look full, natural, and precise is incredible! I love my brows and she made the process so easy. I completely recommend flawless finish to everyone and anyone.”

Meaghan Victoria

“Shaundra is very personable and professional...she took me on short notice when I begged her as I'm from out of town. We worked together and she didn't make a move until we both agreed on the shaping...Loved her authentic demeanor and realistic outlook. Thank you!!! I love them "

Melanie Boudreau Ferguson

“I was nervous but Shaundra did a great job at making me feel at ease. Absolutely love my new brows! Thank you, Shaundra, you were awesome and so is the work you do!!!”

Michetti Crys

Shaundra is very professional and does wonderful work! Highly recommend her services.

Kelley Lynn

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Address: #222, 20 Westwind Drive, Spruce Grove, Alberta
Phone number: 780 668-9708


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  • Cover up over previous brows done elsewhere. —-
** pigment will lighten approx 30% once healed •
Book your brows by
☎️CALL (780)948-6662
💻ONLINE: through the link in my bio
  • Before VS after 8 week retouch!
Book your bomb brows by:
📲TEXT (780)668-9708
☎️CALL (780)948-6662
💻ONLINE: link in my bio!
  • What is my FAV part of getting a service done with @ilumastudio ?
Regardless of the service provided (I do them ALL) —- spray tanning, lash extensions, lash lifting and tinting or teeth whitening.. each and every appointment begins with a consult including a discussion on my goals!
How many times have you went in to an appointment for lashes or a tan and not once were you asked what style of lash you prefer? And I don’t just mean classic, hybrid, volume...I personally LOVE the “cat eye” look of shorter lashes on the inner corner, gradually becoming longer towards the outer corner, BUT guess wha? That’s not for everyone. Some might prefer longer centres etc. Which is what makes the consult and discussion 🔑 to Cassandra’s client retention! Aside from many other things ;)
🌴Today I CANT wait to get my spray tan on and feel a bit more tropical in this freezing cold, best part is I know I’ll leave with the exact colour I want because every time I go in, I GET ASKED if I want to stay the same colour, or go lighter/darker! ——
📲Book your lashes, tans or teeth whitening with @ilumastudio by shooting her a DM
OR text (780) 938-7868
  • 🙋🏼‍♀️Hey, Blondie! You scared of PMU because it’s going to look way too dark and fake? Fear no more! We gottchu.
HEALED combination brows after one session! ——
🕑Results last 12-18 months before maintenance is required
🥰Heals soft & natural 🤑Price includes initial procedure, one 4-8 week touch up + aftercare product at $550.00
📲Schedule your best brows online through the link in my bio!
  • Wake up with yo makeup ✌🏽
Technique: combination of microblading and ombré